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How Does It Run

How Does It Run

The program includes both individual and small group sessions led by experts in the field of pain management. It is offered as either a day-patient or inpatient:

Day Patient
Stay at home and come in each day of the program for 3-5 hours.

We recommend doing the whole program in 2 weeks (Monday to Friday for 2 weeks), but it’s also possible to do the program more slowly (e.g. 1 or 2 days per week).

Stay at Spendelove Private Hospital for 2 weeks to complete the program.

Follow Up
Day-patient follow-up sessions are also provided to all patients who have completed the program, whether as a day-patient or inpatient, so that you can learn to apply your new knowledge and skills in your daily life with support from The Pain Centre of Excellence. The follow-up gets less frequent as you have increasing independence in the management of your own pain.

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