The Gold Coast chronic pain management clinic

Gold Coast Pain Management Centre

Gold Coast Pain Management Centre

The Pain Centre of Excellence is the Gold Coast’s latest pain management centre. Our plan for treating chronic pain is science based and involves a multi-disciplinary approach to managing chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Management Plan New To The Gold Coast

The persistent pain program is new to the Gold Coast and we’re very proud to bring it to you. Anyone who has suffered pain for more than 3 months can apply for this chronic pain management program. We understand how persistent pain can debilitate and lead to depression, social isolation and sleep loss. For Gold Coast chronic pain sufferers the Persistent Pain Program represents a multi-disciplinary approach to managing their pain that is scientifically based.

We treat the whole person, with a team based approach that brings in physiotherapy, psychology, occupational therapists, pain specialists…and the most important person, YOU.

Chronic Pain Management Clinic includes hydrotherapy
Chronic pain management therapies include hydrotherapy

Pain Management Centre Located At Gold Coast’s Spendelove Private Hospital

The Pain Centre of Excellence operates from Spendelove Private Hospital. Spendelove is conveniently located in Southport, close to  therapeutic facilities and medical specialists. The hospital is one of Gold Coast best private hospitals, with 24 rooms, each with a private ensuite.

Our program operates as either day patient or inpatient. Day patients can visit Spendelove for 3-5 hours at a time. Inpatients attend the hospital for 2 weeks. This makes is a viable option for those who don’t live on the Gold Coast, say northern NSW down to Byron Bay.

Physiotherapy is part of the chronic pain management plan
Physiotherapy is part of the chronic pain management plan

No Costs For Gold Coast Pain Sufferers With Private Insurance

The Persistent Pain Program is fully covered by private insurance. We charge Gold Coast residents no surcharge on top of what is covered by private health insurance. We want to make this program accessible to as many Gold Coast pain suffers as possible. Your only out of pocket expenses are optional expenses, such as access to television or perhaps wifi. If you’re a Gold Coast pain sufferer who may be covered by Workcover or DVA please contact us, as you may be fully covered also.

The Pain Excellence Centre Team

The Pain Excellence Centre is a team based approach lead by pain specialists Dr Heide Feberwee and  Dr Dionne Litton. Specialists in Pain Management and Physical Rehabilitation, these doctors bring a level of experience and knowledge to The Pain Centre Of Excellence. The team comprises the specialists doctors, allied health team, physiotherapists, hydro-therapists and psychologists.

Apply Now To The Gold Coast Pain Centre Of Excellence

To apply for the Persistent Pain Program run by The Pain Excellence Centre use the form on this page or call  5503 0911.


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24 Spendelove Avenue
Southport Queensland 4215
Phone: 07 5503 0911 Fax: 07 5503 0922
Email: [email protected]

Spendelove House location of Pain Centre of Excellence