The Chronic Pain Management Clinic

Leading the way in pain management

Research into the best treatment of persistent pain strongly recommends a team-based approach. Our multidisciplinary team comprises highly regarded experts in chronic pain, led by specialist doctors. We seek to help people by providing careful assessment and appropriate treatment tailored to each individual. Our innovative Persistent Pain Program with proven results.

The Persistent Pain Program


All costs are fully covered by your private health insurance or Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). WorkCover patients may be covered—please contact us for more details.


The Persistent Pain Program is tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Often the best pathway is an intensive 2-week inpatient program followed by the follow-up program. For some patients, a less intensive, outpatient program is more practical.


With its proven efficacy, the Persistent Pain Program is based entirely on what has been proven to work in managing pain.

Specialist Doctors

Dr Heide Feberwee is a Pain Specialist, and is the Director of the Gold Coast’s public Persistent Pain Service. In addition to optimizing your pain medications, Dr Feberwee can offer you the latest pain medicine interventions (eg spine and nerve blocks) that are appropriate for you.

Pain Specialists

Dr Dionne Litton is a Specialist in Physical Rehabilitation, focused on helping people regain their function after an injury or illness. Dr Litton will help you to understand why you have persistent pain, and how you can learn strategies to regain control of your life. Dr Feberwee & Dr Litton work closely together in the Persistent Pain Program and usually see patients in combined appointments.

Medication Management

We will recommend to you any alternatives to your current medications that will help to optimise your pain management and your overall well-being.

Latest Pain Information

We are up to date with the latest science and research on medications to be able to offer you the best advice on chronic pain medications.

Interventional Procedures

We may be able to offer you any pain management procedures (e.g. spine and nerve blocks) which may assist your pain management.

Intrathecal Pump Refills

We also do intrathecal pump refills.


The science on chronic pain tells us that we can’t treat pain in a vacuum. We need to manage pain holistically — recognizing the impact that it has on people physically, emotionally, socially and economically. The evidence on chronic pain tells us that the best treatment comes from a co-ordinated multidisciplinary team.

Support In Your Pain Journey

The Pain Centre of Excellence provides you with this team approach, supporting you with your goals, in your journey.

Allied Health Team

The multidisciplinary team includes highly experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapists, an Exercise Physiologist, Clinical Psychologist, Holistic Pharmacist and nurses trained specifically in Pain Management.

Working Together

The team are are all experts in the field of chronic pain and bring together over a century of experience in this field. Your care will be individually tailored and co-ordinated by our Pain Program Co-ordinator.


Our highly experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapists gently guide you in optimising your physical reconditioning.

Tailored Therapy

They tailor their exercises to your specific needs and help you to regain the strength and stamina that you need to be in control of your life.


Hydrotherapy is offered as part of the Persistent Pain Program and we encourage patients to take part if they are able. There are many benefits to gentle exercise in warm water, including muscle relaxation, strengthening and toning.

Alternatives For Pain Management

We understand that not all patients enjoy, or are able to participate in, hydrotherapy and alternatives for these sessions are available.


We understand the impact that chronic pain has on you as a person, and offer patients techniques to help you manage the pain as well as possible. We know that pain is not in your mind! Pain is real, even though I can’t see yours and you can’t see mine.

Train Your Brain

Training the brain to think about pain in different ways and practicing various non-pharmacological strategies can, however, make a huge difference to the way you experience your pain. Group-based education sessions and individual consultations are both offered as part of the Persistent Pain Program.

Chronic Pain Management Services

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